Welcome to IGNATIUS THE GREAT's Homepages!

You can call me Iggy.

I am (in all due modesty) a great cat. I was born March 16, 2008. I am a very friendly guy.

I like sardines. And turkey. I steal hot dogs. And things in the rubbish. Anything!

My primate friend lost his sweet old cat about the same week I was born, and it is my job to make him laugh.

Since he says I have a very expressive face, he uses the computer to put me in strange situations.

Hey! Help me RULE THE WORLD with this MODEST START!

Bissell's Most Valuable Pet contest!

Vote for ME! Sardines for everyone! Transparancy in Government!

I am an ANIMAL after all! I'll preen myself in press conferences, etc.!

Never Mind. I LOST!!!


For immediate Release

From the Office of Ignatius The Great

SUBJECT: Rigged Election!


Well, Friends, thanks for your votes.

I LOST! I suppose it is no surprise.

It was the Media's Fault. The dogs swept it as usual.

All those movies and programs, all the deliberate distortions like Rin Tin Tin, Old Yeller, Lassie, etc. conspired against Catdom again.

Pardon me while I hack up a hairball.

Why are there Tuxedo Cats?

The graceful Siamese was created to be seen.

Tabby slinks through grass , a little hunting machine.

The Black Cat lurks in shadow to surprise its human mate.

And the Calico in camoflage, fades into the scene.

The Russian Blues and Greys, stand still and wait. And wait.

The Marmalade in fallen leaves, a terror to the prey,

And the White cat rolls upon her back, spoiled and wants to play.

The big Maine Coon sleeps on his chair, and for a cat that's normal.

But what's this guy with the fancy suit who follows me night and day?

A little pink nose, and all dressed up, in a tux so formal?

What was Nature thinking, to make such a grand design?

To dress them up in little suits in black and white so fine?

To paint them black, and make them wear small white gloves and socks,

White whiskers and a long black tail, hanging like a vine?

And make them run and bounce around, with muscles hard as rocks.


If you have to ask, my friend, you have a lot to learn!

For I am a noble cat, and my friendship you must EARN.

While I may dress for Ascot, and you dress for the City Dump,

Never question Nature's gift to you, nor my friendship ever spurn,

Nor mock my lovely wardrobe, or I'll bite you on your rump

Message From His Greatness, Ignatius:


The Massachusetts SPCA had to close the local shelter because of budget issues.

Volunteers came forward and formed their own Nonprofit to keep it going.

Anyone who loves animals will appreciate this. Please help them out.

Thanks, Iggy.